Our approach is refreshingly different. We provide our clients with clarity, helping them to uncover their true ambitions and to then structure their affairs to ensure their wishes can be fulfilled. New clients will often have recently experienced a significant change of circumstances such as the sale of a business, bereavement or divorce, and will benefit from our help filtering out the resulting noise. Conflicting opinions and the pressure to act quickly can be unnerving. We diffuse such concerns and provide a fresh perspective; indeed, we will often advise clients to do nothing, to take stock and to thoughtfully reassess their options and the implications of their decisions. Regular meetings ensure we build a complete picture of clients’ affairs and truly understand their needs before we prepare their bespoke strategy. Our advice is all encompassing and can include financial planning, investment consultancy, wealth management, intergenerational wealth planning, philanthropy, tax planning and ownership structures – all with risk mitigation at the core. All clients are assigned a lead financial planner, supported by our team of specialists, to ensure their needs are efficiently fulfilled. Many of our clients have been with us for decades and across generations, illustrating the enduring relationships we develop, the integrity of advice and excellence of service we deliver.