Wealth is much more than money. It’s not just something we exchange for a product or a service: wealth is a resource, a frame of mind, a power that can serve and strengthen or it can consume and de-stabilise lives. It can provide freedom of choice and deepen family bonds but, equally, can lead to conflict. Winston Churchill is famously quoted as saying, “he who fails to plan is planning to fail”. It is this simple truth that could mean success or failure for a wealthy individual or family. Yet, although it is a simple truth, it is not a simple thing to do. In every aspect of life, knowing how to plan and, more importantly, where to turn to for advice, are critical factors in achieving ambitions. A long-term strategic plan will help to preserve the emotional wellbeing of a family through the successful stewardship of wealth across current and future generations. Without unbiased strategic thinking, the psychological comfort that financial security brings can easily slip into complacency. It is this that can lead to the eventual dissipation of hard-earned resources. Armed with a thorough understanding of the needs and aspirations of our clients, we work with carefully selected professional partners to devise and implement a comprehensive financial planning strategy. We then monitor and review the plan taking into account any changes in needs or circumstances as they arise.