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Family Office Services

Family Office Services

Family Office clients will typically engage the full range of services offered by Aspinalls. We don’t underestimate the challenges that significant family wealth can bring to families. The complexity of a family’s financial wealth, which will often range from financial investments to real estate and business interests, can  test even the strongest relationships.

The management of a business, issues of inheritance and even philanthropic giving can give rise to divergent opinions. Over time, if not managed prudently, wealth can also weaken direction and undermine purpose in children and grandchildren who haven’t had the opportunity to strive for goals or to experience the unqiue sense of achievement that comes from overcoming challenges without the safety net of wealth.

The life cycle from building a business, enjoying the wealth that flows from it and the subsequent dissipation of that wealth, is often remarkably short – frequently over just three generations. That is why one of the most valued services we offer is wealth mentoring for younger generations.

Our Family Office service provides a long-term perspective, enabling clients to take control. We create an environment that diminishes the potential for family conflict. By helping to identify the most important family objectives both now and in the future, we ensure our service is appropriately tailored to address those priorities.

Families often have highly complex financial needs. We have a talented team of experts with the understanding, maturity and sensitivity gained over the decades which has earned us the trust of our clients.

We work with many families over multiple generations, delivering continuity, stability and peace of mind.